Example of one of our PowerLYTE (ex corporate critical backup) premium AGM battery bank

Example of one of our PowerLYTE (ex corporate critical backup) premium AGM battery bank


In the wait that our main products are ready for market... 

... we started our activity is sales, install and design of ex-corporate battery banks. Our pricing is simply unbeatable. By purchasing one of our battery banks for your off grid solar system you can save up to 80% on costs for energy storage, if you are installing new or upgrading.

Let's crunch some numbers (Rounded values within 5%):

New battery bank from eBay: 12 X 2 Volt 690Ah AGM = 24 Volt 690Ah AGM Battery Bank = $4,800 (17Kw/h) made in China.

Tesla Powerwall 2: 13.5Kwh sells for $8000

Our Ex Corporate battery bank: 25Kw/h capacity (2000Ah at 12v) = $1,500 made in Japan, Australia or Europe. Retail price new $12,000.

This is a special offer ending in June 2018.

For that price, you can either save on your budget or upsize to reduce your depth of discharge (DOD) to let's say 10% if you double up, this means twice more power in bank and increased life span of your asset.

All our batteries are industrial grade, this means that the quality is superior to virtually any brands marketed for solar use, they are fully load tested by our engineers and comes with a certificate.

Our batteries are in great condition for at least 7 years of use in a solar off-grid system, plus you are helping to save the environnement as these ex-corporate batteries are going to get crushed if you don't buy them!

For more information, follow the link below from Battery University:

BU-705b: Giving Batteries a Second Life

Contact us on info@hydroxygas.com.au or 03 8559 1259 for a quote.

We can deliver, design, install. We include the wiring for you.

Offer available in state of Victoria (Australia) only.


"The batteries married together with the new solar array means I can run the office 16 hours a day, even in cloudy weather. I can have 5 lights on at night, happily runs 2 12v fridges and misc other power draws. The electric pump I use to fill the 20,000 L tank on the hill can be run all day and the 2kw system easily keeps up with the draw on a sunny day. At night it drops to no lower than 95% of capacity. Next day the batteries are back up to 100% easily by mid morn – even on a cloudy day. Revolutionary stuff!" - J.Redwood, off grid living since 40 years, writer in Earth Garden Magazine.